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Safety is essential in the equipment rental world. Read on for safety tips and guides for different types of equipment, including aerial lifts, forklifts, manlifts, and more. Also, learn other strategies for being safe on a construction jobsite, such as the best way to protect your ears from loud noises.
How To Get Forklift Certified + Common FAQs

Learn what standard forklift training programs include, find out who certifies training, and know who should get forklift training.

Creating an Effective Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)

A site-specific safety plan is a risk management document written and maintained by the contractor to manage the health and safety of the construction site.

Forklift Accident Types, Stats, and Safety Protocols

888,220 forklift accidents were reported between 2011 and 2019. Most recently, forklift accidents caused 79 deaths and 8,140 nonfatal injuries in 2019.

What Is Superelevation and How Does It Keep Roads Safer?

When a motorist drives through a curve, the roadway is often tilted or banked at an angle, making it easier to navigate the curve at a safe speed without skidding or tipping. This is superelevation at work.

8 Stretches for Construction Workers to Lower Risk of Injury

One simple and cost effective way to minimize bodily injury before physically demanding construction work, is to stretch. Done correctly, stretching can improve circulation, flexibility, and improve your physical performance while on the job. Read on or skip to our infographic as we outline 8 simple stretches for construction workers to help minimize risk of injury.

How to Prevent Noise Pollution in Construction

Noise pollution can have a negative effect on millions of people every day. These 8 tips will help you reduce sound on a worksite and lessen the impact of noise on workers and the community.

How To Write A Construction Safety Plan

Crafting a thorough construction safety plan is essential in ensuring the safety of everyone. Here are some tips and a template to get started.

9 Construction Site Safety Fundamentals

Understanding the fundaments of construction site safety is key to preventing injuries and accidents. Use these 9 guidelines to boost safety on-site.

25 Construction Safety Statistics for 2021

These construction safety statistics outline the costs of workplace accidents and fatalities as well as the benefits of prioritizing safe practices. Learn how practicing safety in the construction workplace can save money, time and lives!

11 Crane Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents

Before operating a crane, make sure to understand guidelines for proper setup, rigging, and lifting.

Crane Hand Signals to Know for a Safe Construction Site

Learn the essential crane hand signals that everyone working on a construction site should know.

7 Science-Backed Ways to Stay Safe While Working in the Cold

Workers exposed to cold weather conditions are at greater risk of injuries brought on by cold stress. Keep yourself protected with these safety tips.

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