Main Reasons to Rent Storage Containers

You’re getting ready for a new construction project when you realize that there is no available storage at the site. Don’t panic! You can easily rent storage containers in any size to fit any of your needs. Renting a storage container gives easy access, provides versatility, and finally, security when on an on-site project.

If you’re thinking, “Oh great another expense,” don’t fret. Renting a storage container is actually more affordable than you may think. Different rates are available for daily, weekly, and even monthly needs.


Perfect Storage Solutions

Storage containers on your job site give you immediate access to all of your equipment and materials essential to getting the job done right. The last thing you need is someone saying that a piece of equipment isn’t available to them right away. Portable storage containers also provide extra security to your equipment.

You will not have to drive all over your job site to get something. Portable storage containers can be placed anywhere.

Cost Effective

There are some definite benefits to storage container rentals. All rental payments are write-offs, meaning that using rental equipment can actually save you money in the long run. Because the units vary in sizes, you’ll also save money by getting exactly what you need. Also, keep in mind that you can rent by the day, week or month. Calculating your expenses ahead of time should be a breeze having these options at your disposal.

With the affordable rates, you can rent a container for each section of your project site, should you need to.

Protects Equipment and Materials

The last thing you need is for the rain to ruin your machinery and materials. Not only can moisture morph your materials but it can cause moisture and humidity to seep into the organic matter. This will cause mold to grow on materials such as untreated lumber, ceiling tiles, drywall, etc.

Extra moisture can also cause rust on your equipment. Whether they’re rentals or you own them, having the machinery protected should be an important goal throughout your project.

Added Security

After a long workday, you’ll be able to securely put away the equipment and have peace of mind knowing that they will still be there in the morning. Why risk being liable for theft while on the job site? You can keep all your tools, materials, and machinery under lock and key in a portable storage facility. For an extra security measure, you can also add a lockbox and padlocks.

Adding a Lockbox

Lockboxes are specialty padlocks with a combination code and can be digital. Think of it as a safe for your padlock. Lockboxes can be used exclusively to keep the container secured. Only you and the foreman should know the combination code.


Portable storage units come in various sizes. This way, you can rent whichever will accommodate your needs better. The larger storage containers offer double-door entries. This allows you to store the larger pieces of equipment such as scissor lifts, dozers, generators, etc.

Varying Sizes

When picking a portable storage container, think about what its purpose will be. Will you store machinery and tools or materials only? You may also want to consider how big your job site is. If the project site is big, then more than one container may be needed. These containers may all be different sizes depending on your needs.

You can choose from a smaller container measuring 8 feet by 10 feet single door and all the way up to 8 feet by 26 feet double door. More options are also available.

Towability and Portability

These portable containers can be easily towed to your job site. This can be done either by you or by the rental company. Many storage containers are easy to set up and take down. This makes it easier to move the storage containers from one area of a job site to another.

Some storage containers can fold flat and set on a flatbed or on the back of your work truck.  Some of the units can also be taken apart to help with transporting them to different areas of your job site.

Don’t wonder if you need a portable storage container or not. The truth is, there are more pros to this question than cons. Having a readily available storage unit with multiple options and security is a smart way to start your construction project. If cost-effectiveness is on your mind, then renting a storage unit is exactly what you need.

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