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States Where the Most Home Development is Happening

Rumors of a housing boom are abounding, but are they accurate? We’ve analyzed U.S. Census data to determine where the most building permits are being approved and what types of homes are being constructed.

What Is Superelevation and How Does It Keep Roads Safer?

When a motorist drives through a curve, the roadway is often tilted or banked at an angle, making it easier to navigate the curve at a safe speed without skidding or tipping. This is superelevation at work.

What Is a Shear Wall?

We tend to think of walls as components that hold things up (like roofs) or provide barriers for privacy or safety. But a shear wall, also known as a structural wall, has a different function.

How Do Generators Work?

Understanding how generators work can help you identify problems, perform routine maintenance and choose the right generator to suit your specific needs.

Types of Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are versatile tools used to transport pallets and other small loads over short distances. They are common in stores and warehouses, and their size makes them suitable for personal and commercial use.

How to Design a Net Zero Energy Building

The building sector emits such huge amounts of greenhouse gases that urgent action is necessary to avert climate disaster. Net zero energy buildings will play a big role in curbing global warming in the decades to come.

The Complete Commercial Building Renovation Checklist

As you begin to familiarize yourself with the renovation process, you will find that renovating a commercial building involves many moving parts. Carefully executing each step of the process is crucial to the project’s success, so it’s important to stay organized and ensure that the project stays on track.

American Infrastructure Statistics and Facts

We usually think about “infrastructure” as roads and bridges. But the label also covers other kinds of public works. There are many types of infrastructure that affect nearly everything we touch and everywhere we go in modern society.

Illegal Dumping Facts and the Consequences of Carelessness

Illegal dumping — also known as “fly-tipping” — has been a problem for both cities and rural areas for decades. Americans alone dump roughly 1.5 million tons of illegal waste each year, and the problem has only gotten worse during the pandemic.

7 Steps to a Successful Project Closeout

In construction, project closeout is when a project is completed and its assets are transferred to a new owner. Each step is critical to ensure your project wraps up without significant delays.

How to Dispose of Concrete Properly

The majority of all C&D waste is concrete. This guide highlights the ways you can safely dispose of your leftover concrete after a project.

8 Stretches for Construction Workers to Lower Risk of Injury

One simple and cost effective way to minimize bodily injury before physically demanding construction work, is to stretch. Done correctly, stretching can improve circulation, flexibility, and improve your physical performance while on the job. Read on or skip to our infographic as we outline 8 simple stretches for construction workers to help minimize risk of injury.

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